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BMC offers a different and modern business model for your apparel business. Do away with Minimum Order Quantities, reduce risk, and remove barriers to entry to get your products to market and help you become more profitable. Our team will work with you to match the right manufacturing solutions to your business.

Manage Inventory

Today, inventory management is the top challenge for apparel brands, often leading to excess or insufficient stock. This ties up cash and can result in lost sales or discounted items. Our team specializes in creating inventory solutions to mitigate these risks.

Reduce Risk

MOQ presents a risk factor that hampers most brands. Use our Design and Development team to create low- to no-risk product launches through inventory-less products. See what resonates best with your consumers or round out your product offering with little to no risk.

Improve Sales

At BMC, empower your brand with endless customizations. Stand out with tailored products made one at a time. Foster brand loyalty by giving customers control, creating a memorable shopping journey that keeps them coming back.

Create Transparency

With iCreate, track every aspect of your business journey, from product onboarding to inventory management, order status, and shipping schedules. Enhance efficiency, cut costs, launch products, and increase profits effortlessly with iCreate.


Become more sustainable by reducing waste in your inventory, production processes, and shipping. No matter if you are a start up brand or a large brand our on-demand solutions can help you become more sustainable.

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