Cutting-Edge Printing

Explore limitless possibilities with our top-of-the-line Kornit Presto S Max. Direct-to-fabric printing delivers superior quality and vivid color accuracy. Our proprietary NeoPigment™ Robusto ink ensures a smooth handfeel, durability, and an eco-friendly production process.


Precision Cutting

Speed meets accuracy with the Gerber Z1 digital cutting solution. Auto-nesting optimizes efficiency, eliminating the need for markers and ensuring the highest yield potential.


Sewing Mastery

With 125 sewing stations, BMC achieves a remarkable production rate. Our multi-skilled team, paired with the highest quality Juki machines, guarantees adaptability and precision, creating diverse, high-quality products at any time.


Quality Assurance

Every product undergoes multiple inspections during production, with a final overall inspection ensuring it meets our clients' expectations. We take pride in delivering excellence at every step.


Sustainable Shipping

Our commitment to sustainability extends to shipping. By eliminating unnecessary shipping steps, we reduce carbon emissions. BMC ships directly to your customers, offering complete packaging customization to meet your specifications.


Design and Development

BMC offers an in-house development team dedicated to assisting you in bringing your product to market. We can refine your patterns, enhance your tech packs, and seamlessly integrate your products with iCreate.Fashion for a transparent manufacturing process.

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